The Importance of Training and its Impact on the Performance of Employees in Banking Sectors of Abu Dhabi, Dubai

The Importance of Training and its Impact on the Performance of Employees in Banking Sectors of Abu Dhabi, Dubai


The subject of the training of human resources and private managers and their development is important issue for any organization, especially banks, where the human element is the main engine of the resources of these organizations . Especially, when we talk about the quality of the skills and abilities of knowledge that commensurate with the nature of the work of the organization in which it operates, and training with an effective impact on the profitability of the human element through the process of administrative efforts. It is necessary to maintain efficient work of the high strength to any level of manager and those who work under his/her supervision in terms of raising the level of skills and help to instill confidence in the hearts of workers and improve the quality of work .

Any organizations that do not pay attention to the subject of training or where there is no continuous improvement through training programs will find themselves in trouble as a result of the many changes that occur in the surrounding . Every change requires the organization re-examination composition skills, knowledge and abilities of its human resources to fit with the new environmental requirements of all private commercial banks wherever the environment is altering .

A senior leader in commercial banks must be effective and the effectiveness can be measured by the performance of the leaders and managers. Therefore, the ability to align and motivate teams to drive business results is crucial to their success . The Strategic Leaders training Program, through The Competing Values Framework, will challenge them to adopt a new way of thinking that will increase their impact as leaders and managers. For over 60 years the competing values of their framework has been used by the world and well-known commercial companies to drive innovation, create high-performance cultures, explore and expand into old and new markets, and improve overall quality through the training programs to enhance their work and their staff . This training program explores the critical components of effective management and leadership in order to learn how to make better decisions under pressure, improve a better and good leadership approach in increasingly complex and mixed environments like UAE, develop talent more effectively and lead with more creativity, energy, and intensity . The idea of cultivating and leveraging individual and organizational capabilities will be emphasized throughout the best training program. Then, this would emerge with an action plan to help them advance their career and drive positive results in their organization wherever they are and in any administrative site .

Research Terms

1. Human Resources Management is working for organizations powers or human resources management. It specializes in attracting staff, selection, training, evaluation and rewarding employees. It also follows the leadership and culture of the organization to ensure its compliance with labor laws. If the staff is willing to conduct collective negotiations with human resources management, their role is the initial communication with the staff representatives (usually with trade unions).

2. Training: Whether the organization seeks to train its individuals, employed or enrolled in work, to increase knowledge, skills or abilities or ideas necessary for the performance of specific actions in accordance with its goals or it intends to change the behavior of workers through organizational procedure in order to increase and improve their efficiency and performance, especially management training of supreme departments in any institution.

3. Banks: Commercial banks represent the largest section in commercial system sector in the second division in the sequence. The central bank proceeds out of control and monitor bank activities and affect their ability to create cash deposits. Commercial Bank was identified as an institution that deals in debt or credit and bank deposits called gets the debts of third parties and gives against which promises to pay on demand or after a short-term. This credit provided by the bank falls within its assets because it really represents it to others.

4. Efficiency: The ability to achieve goals activates or does things properly.

5. The performance: A set of activities performed by an individual, who reflects the level of efficiency in accomplishing the tasks and duties entrusted to him. Term productivity is known as a measure of the ability of enterprises to achieve the output of the input, also known as the possibility of achieving the largest possible amount of output from a given quantity of inputs.

6. Emirates College of Technology which provide courses in teaching and training in the same field and other courses like Management, Human Resources and financial studies.

Emirates College of Technology was founded in the center of Abu Dhabi and it showed rapid growth and development in 1993 after receiving recognition from the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. It was launched to keep pace with developments in technology and business of modern life: it is the day to prove it as one of the oldest institutions that has a long proud history in the region.

In addition, the college not only provides bachelors’ and diploma programs in many disciplines but it also prides itself by providing bachelor’s programs in business, science and financial management, public relations and HRM (in English) as well as health information management and industrial management. The Emirates College of Technology gives a golden chance to its students to capture knowledge that will help them meet the challenges of the challenging developments in the local and international markets.

Emirates College of Technology is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the United Arab Emirates. It boasts a teaching crew that contains the authors from more than 16 different countries of the world and they are the people with a great deal of enormous contribution to the development of knowledge, professional service, teaching and supervision.

The college keeps the pace with the culture of the region. The lectures are held in three separate buildings and each one has a high number of students. The students can also choose shifts consistently within: weekend-days – morning and evening which helps them to adapt their programs according to the curriculum for the need of all students .

Emirates College is aware of the fact that the activities of students outside the auditorium are an essential part of the experience. They enjoy the college student community, a medley of environment, where they are configured for long-term friendships and integrated into a variety of social, cultural and sporting activities to enable them to develop their skills and the abilities to become downright professionals .

On the other hand, the programs offered as well as the future programs provide a good opportunity to the students who prefer to study in the country with a view to travelling abroad to get a diploma or bachelors’ degree. Emirates College has enabled its graduates to complete their higher studies in bachelors that are furnished in the same colleges or in the local universities, Arab or Western, or in Canada, America and other countries with various programs .

With a platform for high-quality curriculum in addition to the body of distinctive teaching, infrastructure and facilities of the highest level, make room for students to have big dreams. It lets them share their unique talents, and makes them feel proud of being the part of a fertile culture .

There are several colleges and universities in Abu Dhabi and in the rest of the state of emirates that are all able to offer diverse academic programs and trainings. They enjoys a high reputation for efficiency and has copious administrative and academic competencies.

About Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies which is specialized in the training of bank employees and other people of the UAE banking and financial study and also provides bachelors’ in more than one specialties .

Emirates Institute, specifically for National Banking and Financial Studies, is a foundation that is fundamentally interested to train commercial bank employees. Aims to contribute to the strategic plans and furnishes economically in the UAE country through the development of human resource by increasing their performance through the technological process for the last several years. It has also participated in the teaching programs according to British and Canadian Academic systems and has such are put educational institutional experience process that is eligible to do the international teaching work and academic training . It has progressed rapidly through the effective use advanced technologies and the evolution of this institution has been honorably recognized by the ministry of higher education and it has initiated three branches in the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies was founded in 1983 which provides educational programs, training courses, banking training services and financial solutions at a world-class level in three centers and it occupies a strategic planning system in Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And as a part of commitment to resettlement initiative, Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies in UAE centers supports UAE nationals by providing highlevel training facilities and by encouraging job growth in the financial services and banking sector .

It was the integration of the Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies worldwide with various institutes and leading universities of the world that are developing better programs and courses in the field of banking and financial services in UAE.

The Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies has come forward in bringing about a major development in the career of thousands of students and professionals, who, working in the field of banking and finance, has been supported from trained academics and leading experts.

Emirates Institute for Banking and Financial Studies has seen significant growth over the past years, especially in terms of the number of students, trainees and academic training programs, websites and members of the faculty, staff, alumni and others.

Every year, the institute receives thousands of students and trainees who are interested in learning and training from across the UAE. It provides a wide range of educational opportunities in the banking and financial support through the experiences and research based programs and it dispenses the high-end facilities in the field in UAE .

Research problem

Through my work, both in teaching and management training in UAE, now and before, I strongly believe that the research problem stems from the weaknesses and deficiencies in the training programs followed by inadequate productivity in banking institutions in the UAE. According to the developments and technological changes and renewable rapid makes, it is imperative to render follow-up to the organizations and the preparation of training programs. It is feasible to limit the research problem by exploring the following questions:

1. What is the role of training in increasing the efficiency of staff performance?

2. What extent of benefit from training courses obtained by the staff?

3. What is the appropriate training period to take advantage of high efficiency training courses?

The research aims to identify the reality of the training process in productivity and banking sector in the United Arab Emirates - Abu Dhabi and Dubai and whether those institutions concerned with the development of human resources, especially the middle and upper class and the administration. It also aims to shed light on the following points:

1. Identify the convictions of those who are the in charge of the management of these institutions on the issue of training and how much importance they attach to it for the benefits of their staff.

2. Identify deficiencies or weaknesses in the existing training programs and their negative effects on the performance of employees, leaders and management, the makers of the administrative decisions.

3. To determine, if the management of these institutions followup with the environmental changes and take them into account when preparing for training programs.

The importance of the study

The importance of this research is the importance of the subject of training and human resource development through these things:

1. The growing value of this subject as a result of the need for training programs and the need to cope with the nature of the economic, environmental and technological changes demands that it should be treated in a befitting manner. Furthermore, the growth of a competitive mass marketing in this area and the developments in the surrounding environment so as to improve the performance of individuals and management calls for earnest handling.

2. Taking into account the subject of cost, the cost of training is much less than the cost of the negative performance of leaders and management and unqualified personnel in the long run.

Reliability and validity of the tool

The veracity of the material and the content of the tool for research questionnaire were ascertained after the thorough inspection by the supervisor of expert scientific research. In the second place it was presented for inspection to a group of specialists and experts in the field of scientific research.

Research hypothesis

In order to sniff out proper answers and solutions to the scientific problems that were raised in this research and to achieve the desired goals, the research seeks to test the validity of the following hypothesis:

The hypothesis

H1: A statistically significant relationship between human resources and training needs exists in banking sectors in the city of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

H2: Secondly, a statistically significant relationship between human resources and defining the goals of training programs have existence in banking sectors in the city of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

H3: Thirdly, there is a statistically significant relationship between human resources and the implementation of training in banking sectors in the city of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

H4: Lastly, A statistically significant relationship is found between human resources and the evaluation and follow-up of the effectiveness of training in banking sectors in city of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

1. There is a statistical significance of the relationship between training and increase in the efficiency of staff performance.

2. There is a statistically significant relationship between the training period and efficiency.

3. There is statistically major link between training and the advancement of staff performance.

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